Chase Blink $10 Cash Bonus


If you’re a Chase customer, enroll your Chase Card with Blink.   Make 3 blink purchases within 30 days of enrolling your card and you’re get $10.00.    You can use Blink at Best Buy, Duane Read, McDonalds, CVS, etc.

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Login to your Chase account online
  2. Click this link to signup for Blink and you should see the $10 Blink promotional offer

Remember to make just 3 blink purchases within the next 30 days and we’ll automatically deposit a $10 cash award to the checking account you selected at time of enrollment. Blink at participating merchants such as Best Buy, Duane Reade, McDonalds, CVS Pharmacy, and more – just look for the blink symbol on the card reader at check out, then hold your card to the reader and wait for the green lights and tone. For more information about this promotion, please visit

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