High CD Rates around the US – March 2009

Below are some of the highest CD Rates in the US.  It appears anything above 3.15%APY for 12-24 months is considered a very attractive rates.  If you live around these banks and credit unions, go ahead and open one.  If not, compared these rates with your local bank or credit unions to see if they match these rates.


Red Rock Credit Union is offering 3.3% APY for a 2 year CD (minimum deposit: $5, 000) – Only Available to people living in Douglas County, Colorado


Citizen Equity First Credit Union (CEFCU) is offering 2 Year CD with a 3.10% APY.  Minimum deposit is $1,000 and is available in Illionois and California branches (via Valley Credit Union)


Community Bank of Nevada is offering 3.29 APY for 12-18 months CD and 3.03% APY for 6 months CD.  Branches are located in Las Vegas.


Highlands Bank is offering 3.0% APY 2 Year CD with a minumum deposit of $500.  Highlands Bank is located in Dallas, TX.

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