Hilton HHonors Double or Triple Points

Hilton HHonors is currently running a promotion for double or triple points for its 3rd quarter (July 1st-September 30th). Double points will be offered Monday-Thursday. Triples points will be offered Friday-Sunday. Offer valid at participating hotels only. Unfortunately, many hotels, especially in the US, have opted out of this promotion.

For stays that have days getting both double & triple points, this is how points will be awarded:

  • Total room rate per night will be averaged
    Ex. $500 for 5 nights = $100 per night
  • Nights will be divided into those that receive double points and those that receive triple points
    Ex. 2 double point days & 3 triple point days
  • Double points & triple points will be calculated separately with the average room rate
    Ex. Receive double points on $100 for 2 days + Receive triple points on $100 for 3 days