Citibank 5% Cashback for 1Q/2012 – Health Care, Fitness Club and Utilities – Maximum $300 cash back

What a good way to tackle on your New Year’s resolution with a 5% cash back for using Citi’s Dividend Card on Health Care, Fitness Clubs and Utilities from January 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012.  You can earn up to $300 cash back on your Citibank Dividend card per calendar year.  Click here to sign up for 5% Cashback promotion.

Health care is defined as merchants that provide examination, diagnosis and treatment of health-related conditions and includes services by licensed physicians or dentists, facilities that aid in diagnosis or treatment, and devices or corrective equipment for such treatment. Fitness clubs are defined as merchants that operate sports and recreation facilities requiring membership. Utilities are defined as providers of electric, gas power, water supply and refuse services, cable and satellite television and radio services, and wireless/telecommunications services.