New Citibank Thank You Rewards Program

Citibank instituted a new rewards program for their Citibank checking program.    For the most part, the new rewards program requires 1 Direct Payment and 1 Bill Payment.  Previously, if you had the Citibank you Account you could have earned a maximum of 800 Thank You points per month if you have 7 or more qualifying products or services.  If you had a Citigold account, you could have earned a maximum of 1200 Thank You points.

With the new system, Citibank Account customers can earn up to 1350 Thank You points per month.  Citigold customers can earn up to 2100 Thank You points.  Getting the maximum 2100 monthly points is out of reach for most people as you need to have mortgage and home equity line with Citibank.  The new system became effective as of December 11, 2011.

For more information contact your local Citibank branch or visit this link.