Amex Black Card

One of the most sought after credit cards is also one of the hardest to get.  Amex Black Card with a initiation fee of $5,000 and annual fee of $2,500 only few people truely qualifies for the card.  In addition, cardholders must also demonstrate a $250,000 annual spending pattern in get invited.


With the high fee comes variety of perks and services.  First and foremost, you can flash the card and show off to your friends or girlfriends.  Perks like hard to get sporting events (US Open, Dayota 500, etc.), Automatic upgrade for major airlines and hotels, option of partial ownership of private jets.

Recently Visa just come out with their own version of the black card, called Visa Black Card.  Very Original.  It sports only a annual fee of $495 reachable for many cardholders.