American Express Gift Card Fee Waivers & Free Shipping

Purchasing an American Express Gift Card soon, whether as a gift or to fulfill quotas? Use these promotional codes to waive the $3.95 surcharge and $5.95 standard shipping rate:

Surcharge (exp date)

  • EMDADWEL (8/15/12)
  • EMGRADVMC (9/1/12)
  • REMGRADVMC (9/1/12)
  • EMWEDVMC (10/15/12)

Shipping (exp date)

  • DSGRAD (9/15/12)
  • AFLQ32012 (9/30/12)

***DON’T FORGET through the end of July, American Express has its $10 gift card bonus with the purchase of a $50 gift card, allowing you to earn FREE $!

American Express Gift Card – No Purchase Fee

Celebrate Father’s Day or kids’ graduation with an American Express Gift Card.  Right now, you can buy Amex Gift Card without any purchase fee (Normally a $3.95 fee per card) by entering promo code, EMGRADVMC2, during checkout.

Shipping still cost $5.95 per order.  Hurry, offer ends on Sept 1, 2012.  You can even customize the gift card with your own photo or choose from several fun designs.