Average Credit Card Rates for March 2009


Average credit card rates have been low compared with the previous 5 year average.  As of March 2009, the national average APR for credit cards is 12.66%.  What is your credit card rates?  Now it’s a good time to check the rates on your statement; If you don’t know the rate, call the toll free number on the back of your credit card and speak to the customer representative to see if they can lower it down.


Source: CreditCards.com

30% off MyFico.com – Credit Score – Expires March 31


It is extremely important to keep up to date with your credit report and credit score especially in this credit deprived economy.  Whether you’re thinking about buying a new home or car, it’s good to know what your credit score is so you can work on improving it’s score.  myFico is the consumer division of Fair Issac, the company that invented FICO credit score that lender use to judge your application.

myFICO is offering 30% off on all it’s products from Score Watch, FICO Standard to Suze Orman’s FICO Kit Platinum plan.

myFICO is celebrating it’s 8th anniversary and offering super discounts to consumers.  Just use code myFICOis8 during the checkout process and save 30% off.


First State Bank – 5.03% APY Checking Account – Nationwide


First State Bank headquarter in Kansas, a member of FDIC,  is offering 5.03% APY to all people nationwide.  There are 3 simple requirements.

  1. Must use the debit card 10 times per month (gas, grocery, drug stores, restaurants all count)
  2. Must receive one direct deposit per month
  3. Enroll in E-Statement

The requirements are pretty simple if you want one of the highest yield available.  They even credit up to $25 monthly statement of ATM withdrawal fees used outside of First State Bank.  The 5.03% yield is for the first $25,000.  You must open the account with a minimum deposit of $100.

Sony Get $200 Credit Card Bonus after $349 Purchase


Sony is giving $200 card credit after any purchase over $349 at their website.  If you’re in the market for the Sony Playstation, HDTV and digital camera, now it is a good time to buy it.  Offer ends on March 14, 2009.  Sony Card is issued by Chase Bank and includes the following benefits

  • Full Platinum Visa® benefits
  • 5 Sony Rewards Points per $1 spent at SonyStyle.com, and Sony Style® stores2
  • Exclusive members-only deals on Sony products


Apply for the card, once you are approved, you have 45 days to purchase at sonystyle.com to get back $200 in statement credit.

Mortgage Rates for Top 10 Cities – March 2009

Mortgage Rates for Top 10 Metropolitan Areas in US as of March 04, 2009.  This information is very handy when you speak to your banker or mortgage broker as you can use the number as your guideline.  Most likely banks and mortgage brokers can’t beat the numbers but don’t expect to pay a lot more than the normal average rates.

Average mortgage rates and points in the top 10 markets
  Fixed 15-year Fixed 30-year 5-year ARM
Market Rate Points Rate Points Rate Points
New York Metro 5.04 0.31 5.51 0.25 5.84 0.27
Los Angeles 5.20 0.24 5.54 0.25 5.31 0.49
Chicago 5.03 0.19 5.62 0.19 5.16 0.57
San Francisco 4.91 0.38 5.35 0.39 5.28 0.40
Philadelphia 4.89 0.52 5.44 0.41 5.44 0.53
Detroit 5.11 0.19 5.64 0.20 5.63 0.20
Boston 4.90 0.27 5.32 0.28 5.31 0.17
Houston 4.77 0.87 5.33 0.77 5.25 0.66
Dallas 4.79 0.46 5.33 0.86 5.34 0.43
DC Metro 4.65 0.70 4.99 0.93 5.20 0.90
Brm National Index 4.93 0.41 5.41 0.45 5.40 0.43

source: BankRate

FNBO Direct lowers to 2.15% APY from 2.60% APY – March 10, 2009


One of the more popular online savings bank, FNBO Direct, just lowered it’s yield to 2.15% APY.  That’s a drop of 45 basis point from 2.60% APY just yesterday.  It is still higher than most other online savings bank.

High CD Rates around the US – March 2009

Below are some of the highest CD Rates in the US.  It appears anything above 3.15%APY for 12-24 months is considered a very attractive rates.  If you live around these banks and credit unions, go ahead and open one.  If not, compared these rates with your local bank or credit unions to see if they match these rates.


Red Rock Credit Union is offering 3.3% APY for a 2 year CD (minimum deposit: $5, 000) – Only Available to people living in Douglas County, Colorado


Citizen Equity First Credit Union (CEFCU) is offering 2 Year CD with a 3.10% APY.  Minimum deposit is $1,000 and is available in Illionois and California branches (via Valley Credit Union)


Community Bank of Nevada is offering 3.29 APY for 12-18 months CD and 3.03% APY for 6 months CD.  Branches are located in Las Vegas.


Highlands Bank is offering 3.0% APY 2 Year CD with a minumum deposit of $500.  Highlands Bank is located in Dallas, TX.